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Introducing: One Week // One Band


Hi everyone,

My name is Hendrik and I usually spend most of my free time staring at the Tumblr dashboard or rambling on about pop culture and general nonsense on Twitter. Inspired by last week’s quarterly recurrence of the discussion on music blogs and ever-decreasing buzz cycles I decided to finally put this little idea to motion I had been carrying around with me for a while. 

This might or might not work and catch on beyond an inside circle of friends but I thought I’d try to set up one of those blogs that promote the opposite idea of hunting for the next big thing — that is taking the time to look at and talk about some of the past big things, some of which you might have missed so far. Or maybe you just want to have an excuse to talk about your long-time musical crush in excessive detail.

So how does this work? Don’t worry, you won’t have to endure me for most of this.

Every week, one trusted music aficionado (read: a good friend who just can’t say no) takes over the site and showcases one band he or she feels particularly passionate about. Any artist from any country or decade will do - no rules and no canon.

Regular updates look like this: 

  • 5 songs with one audio post each day from Monday to Friday. Five songs not only due to the upload limit on Tumblr but mostly because it’ll thus form an EP-sized introduction to convey a general musical idea about the particular artist
  • Other than that, every writer is free to fill the week with content as he or she pleases. You might see anything from just songs to essays, rants and videos
  • Saturday and Sunday are used for general announcements and unrelated posts

I’ve talked to some of my friends from Tumblr and beyond and incredibly enough, not all of them told me to go away. So there’s a fair number of cool kids from all over lined up for the next few weeks with what will hopefully prove some interesting insights into their respective musical passions. Note that the focus is neither necessarily about under-appreciated nor hidden gems in particular but whichever artists we feel are worth exploring within the space of a week.

It would really mean the world to me if you are curious enough to check back with this site every now and then or even take the leap of faith and follow us on Tumblr. I’m not sure how this will play out. It might turn out disastrous and quickly vanish but at the very least I think it’s an experiment worth trying out.

The very first One Week commences on February 7th.

You can follow us on Tumblr at oneweekoneband.net or check in with @OneWeekOneBand on Twitter.

I’d love to have you on board for this.


PS: If you like to write about music and feel this sounds like an interesting endeavour for you to take part in, I’d love to hear from you! Please do get in touch.

I’m usually not one for resolutions but on New Year’s Eve I decided 2011 would be the year to start my Master’s degree, move to a foreign country, date a model and launch a music blog. To make good on at least one part of my plans I present you One Week // One Band.

Please spread the word on Tumblr, Twitter and beyond. Call that aunt of yours you haven’t spoken to in a while! Tell her you love her and there’s a new music blog in town!

Seriously, I’m pretty curious to see how this will play out and support in any form - be it reading, spreading the word or even taking part yourself - would really mean the world to me!!

Love you guys,




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