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I’ve never been to Africa, but I feel like I have this deep affinity for it,” Ms. Hanley Mellon said. “I’ve read every Hemingway, we collect Peter Beard, I’ve watched ‘Out of Africa.’ It touches your soul to visit and smell the smells, and you can’t recreate the experience without immersing yourself.
My favourite comedy is the NYT style section.

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Damon Albarn - This is a Low (Live at Maida Vale)

This piano-led take on the Blur classic is so pretty I’m almost okay with hearing that song in a version that doesn’t feature Graham’s majestic guitar solo.

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Yumi Zouma - It Feels Good To Be Around You (feat. Air France)

"Dear Air France… sometimes I think the way we met happened too fast."

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The Antlers – Palace

That’s the most gorgeous song I’ve heard this year so far.

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Biology Of The Blog: One Week // One Band

Forgot to post this last week, but Margaret from BreakThru Radio kindly invited me to talk about OWOB on her weekly radio show, so if you feel like listening to me mumble barely coherent thoughts, this is the one.

BTR also re-posted a piece from the week I did on German indie icons Tocotronic, which apparently made some people check that one out again. Which is cool!

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Suede - The Living Dead (live at the Royal Albert Hall)

Always loved this song (which also prompted a brilliant Bernard Butler quote ripping into Brett’s lyrical habitat… “I’ve written this really beautiful piece of music and he made it a squalid song about junkies”) and the singalong at the start of this one was probably my favourite moment at the gig.

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Suede - Still Life (live at the Royal Albert Hall)

So last weekend I went to London and saw my favourite album of all time performed in full. It was great! 

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Comparatively Easy Skills I Have Yet To Master, pt. XVII: The Art of Receiving a Compliment

"Hey, you look nice today!"

"Huh, me!? Nah, not really. I mean, uh, I really need a haircut… gawd I must be so pale, I’m actually really tired, yeah, busy couple of days, uh, this jacket I’ve had it, like, for a few years, it’s really just random… ok."

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1. “Oh my god, I was so young!!”
2. “Oh my god, I wasn’t that young!!”

1. “Oh my god, I was so young!!”

2. “Oh my god, I wasn’t that young!!”

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Jarvis Cocker - Tonite

Oh and all the culture vultures/ And all the snot-nosed kids/ And all the so-called artists, wannabes and never-dids/ You claim you’re not involved/ but you’re in up to your neck/ The night belongs to lovers/ so show some respect